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Assassin's Creed Eve by GhostTownsend
Assassin's Creed Eve
Idea for Assassin's Creed game based in pre WW2 Germany featuring a female assassin.
Super Smash Bros. Retro by GhostTownsend
Super Smash Bros. Retro
a retro version of characters from the Super Smash Bros. Series
did not include characters whose debut was on the Wii or Wii U
nor did I include duplicate characters, the same character just a different game, like Dr. Mario.

list of characters represented and the game in which they're meant  to represent:
Mario Characters:
Mario - Super Mario Bros 2
Luigi - Super Mario Bros 2
Bowser - Super Mario World
Bowser Jr. - Super Mario Sunshine
Princess Peach - Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
Yoshi - Super Mario World
Wario - Wario Land Super Mario World 3

Kirby Characters:
Kirby - Kirby's Dream Land
King Dedede- Kirby's Adventure
Meta Knight - Kirby's Adventure

Legend of Zelda Characters:
Link - LoZ A Link To The Past
Zelda -LoZ A Link To The Past
Ganondorf - LoZ A Link To The Past

Earthbound  Characters:
Ness - Earthbound (Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back)
Lucas - Mother 3

3rd Party Characters:
Sonic the Hedgehog - (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
Solid Snake - (Metal Gear)
Mega Man -  (Mega Man)
Pac - Man - (Pac-Man)

Starfox Characters:
Fox McCloud - (Star Fox)
Falco Lombardi - (Star Fox 64)
Wolf O'Donnell - (Star Fox 64)

PokeMon  Characters:
Pikachu - PokeMon Yellow
Squirtle - PokeMon Blue
Charizard - PokeMon Green
Ivysaur - PokeMon Red
Mewtwo - PokeMon Red
Jigglypuff - PokeMon Yellow
Pichu - PokeMon Platinum
Lucario - PokeMon Diamond

F-Zero Characters:
Captain Falcon  - F-Zero

Kid Icarus Characters:
Pit - Kid Icarus
Palutena - Kid Icarus

Duck Hunt
Dog and Duck - Duck Hunt

Pikmin Characters:
Olimar  w/ Pikmin - Pikmin

Animal Crossing Characters:
Villager Male/Female - Animal Crossing

Punch Out Characters:
Little Mac - Punch Out

Fire Emblem Characters:
Marth - Fire Emblem
Roy - Fire Emblem The Binding Blade
Ike -  Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

Donkey Kong Characters:
Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong Country 2

Ice Climbers Characters:
Popo and Nana - Ice Climber

Game and Watch Characters:
Mr. Game and Watch - Game and Watch Series


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Ghost Townsend
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Thanks for visiting my profile! Have a look around, if you see something you like, feel free to fave or not it's your choice. I'm always appreciative of feedback on my stuff, good or bad. Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day/night/morning.

my brother is a writer! check him out here:
and here:

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